romina de novellis


Romina De Novellis, perfomer (born in Naples in 1982, has lived in Rome since 1985, and she lives and works in Paris since 2008). After few years dedicated to dance and theatre, she lands in the performing art scene cutting off both speech and coreogrpahy from her artistic research, deciding to focus on the language of gestures, overall replacing the body in a urban environment.

In 1999, she graduates from the Royal Academy of Dance of London method (RAD certification) and continues her studies at the DAMS of the University of Rome 3.
In Paris, she studies in anthropology (ph D) at the EHESS.

As an artists, Romina De Novellis is represented by Gallery Alberta Pane, in Paris. Traces of her performing art are collected as photos and videos shot by her husband Mauro Bordin, painter and photographer and she collaborate with some other photographer and film maker, as Andrés Arce Maldonado.

Amongst her performances and most important exhibitions:

- La Festa di Santa Barbara, her first performance presented in Rome 2007
- La Focara, performed during La Nuit Blanche 2010 Paris
- Labn, milk / sperm, a performance curated by Moataz Nasr in the occasion of the group show “Resistance” in Cairo, Darb 1718, 2011
- Vénus lave les chiffons, at Le 104 in Paris within the group show curated by David Zerbib in the occasion of “Jeune création”
- La Culla, presented at Zattere during the opening-week program of the Venice Biennale 2011
- La Multiplication, in collaboration with Nadine Sures performer artis and the support of the State of Canada, Zico House, Beyrouth 2012
- La Veglia, hosted by the art critic Marc Lenot in Paris 2012 and then in London within the group show “Unlimited bodies” curated by Thierry Forien, art collecteur
- Forza Francia, Viva Italia! In collaboration with Elvira Frosini performer artist in the occasion of La Nuit Blanche 2012, Paris
- La Gabbia, within the group show “Les états limites” at 7.5 Club, Paris, ancd in Naples curated by Raffaella Barbato in the group show “Noli me tangere”, and in London within “Unlimited bodies” curated by Thierry Forien, in Marseille Capitale de la Culture 2013 within the group show “Empreintes et passage à l’act, curated by Mehdi Brit at La Friche Belle de Mai, and at Parcours Saint-Germain Paris 2014
- Mamma mia. Almost 100 years of misunderstanding and similarities, performance and video installation, within the group exhibition “The Metamorphoses of the Virtual – 100 years of art and freedom” - Performance Series, in the Officina delle Zattere, Venice Biennale 2013
- La Pecora, curator Mehdi Brit, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Nuit des Musées, Paris 2013
- L’Ape, La Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille Capitale de la culture 2013
- Wool and Roses, trilogie de l’enfermement, solo show, Laure Roynette Gallery Paris 2013
- Augurii, FIAC Hors le Murs, Fauvérie – Menagerie, Jardin des Plantes, Paris 2014
- Inferno, performance, curator Raphael Castoriano, in the occasion of the dinner of Les Amis du Palais de Tokyo and the Tokyo Art Club Paris 2015
- Uno, performance live commissioned by Mehdi Brit for the Espace Louis Vuitton Paris 2015
- To be, or not to be, solo show in collaboration with Bill Viola at Laure Roynette Gallery Paris 2015
- La Pecora, performance, curator Moataz Nasr, Something Else Off Biennale Cairo, 2015
- Na Cl O, performance, curator Moataz Nasr, Something Else Off Biennale Cairo, 2015
- La Sacra Famiglia, performance, in collaboration with Le Toboggan, Dafna Gallery, Museo Archeologico Napoli, MADRE, Alberta Pane Gallery, Naples 2015
- La Sacra Famiglia, solo show, Le Toboggan, Décine – Lyon 2016